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PIXEL FEDERATION, s.r.o. - Diggy's Adventure  artwork Diggy’s Adventure
Genre: Games
Release Date: September 23, 2016

Search for hidden treasures, solve puzzles, fulfil godly quests and reveal the greatest mysteries of the past in Diggy’s Adventure addictive & cute time killer!

Diggy's Adventure Features:
– #1 Rated Adventure Game
– 1000+ Riddles & Puzzles to solve
– 500+ Labyrinths, Mazes and Mines to escape from
– 100+ Funny characters to interact with
– 5 Mythological locations with loads of forgotten treasures
– Customer support responding within 24 hours
– Regular weekly updates full of fun events
– 18 languages to play in
– Dedicated team working tirelessly to tease your brain and challenge your skills

Great adventure game meets puzzle. Join the family of Diggy, Professor, Linda and Rusty on their journey to explore the world full of ancient civilizations and mysteries. Relax by solving puzzles and riddles!

No secret may remain hidden!
Diggy's Adventure is a perfect game for all adults, kids and families. Get ready for a greatly written story full of plot twists while progressing through thousands of brain-teasers and beautiful locations as Egypt, Scandinavia, China or Atlantis. Diggy is not only a nimble tiny miner but also a hilarious character to spend some time with.

Enjoy the creative side of the game – craft items and match various ingredients to help you digging, build your camp or decorate it. Developing your camp is vital since each maze and riddle require energy to get through the blocks and advance into the other location or mine.

Diggy's Adventure is also a great alternative to lots of Match-3 games, Physics and Block puzzlers if you want to try something fresh yet still challenging.

Solve riddles & puzzles to gain rewards
Gain rewards and experience points to improve rate of energy regeneration or maximum energy capacity by digging through the mines and fulfilling in-game quests assigned by Gods and other characters. Each special event brings you a big content update as well as a lot of tiny improvements to make the game even more challenging and entertaining.

Pit your brain against some of the world's hardest yet fun logic puzzles ever created. Play Diggy's Adventure for free now!

Note: A network connection is required to play
Note: Diggy's Adventure is completely free to play, however some game items can also be purchased for real money.

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Contact us at!

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