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Oddrok Oy - HeliHopper  artwork HeliHopper
Oddrok Oy
Genre: Games
Release Date: January 10, 2018

Helihopper is a fun game where you hop from a helipad to another. Master the helicopter controls and become a master pilot!

Pilot your way across the beautiful and colorful world, made for jumping and hopping around!

Complete the missions or try your skills in the endless levels. Earn valuables and invaluable experience to unlock large selection of different helicopters and levels.

Everything you do in the game increases your player level, increase it enough and you can unlock even more challenges. Start hopping now!


– Simple & fun slingshot mechanism for hopping the helicopters
– 10 different helicopters
– Three different themes: City, Desert and Snow

– Parachuting collectables
– A lot of achievements
– Player level up system

– 65 missions
– 9 endless mode levels

– Original music by Hukka
– GameCenter leaderboards and achievements
– iCloud saving
– iMessage Stickers
– Haptic support

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