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Hipstamatic, LLC
Genre: Photo & Video
Price: $ 1.99
Release Date: March 2, 2018

All new IncrediBooth Video, featuring Video Strips and Live Photo Strips!

Cram together, sit down, and strike a pose all over again with the completely revamped IncrediBooth Video. Easily swipe to change your booth while capturing or after the shot, with tons of new export options and bells and whistles. Includes 4 photo booths, each with a unique feel and photo strip effect.

• Harvey's Photo Parlor – hop into that awesome old vintage photo booth in the corner of your favorite dive bar for an unforgettable experience
• Bullseye Shooting Gallery – check out that amazing photo booth hiding behind the lemonade stand at the summer carnival, just don't forget the cotton candy!
• Gare du Nord Photomaton – while you're waiting for your train to Bastille, snag four photos in this gritty old photo booth
• Super Mega Happy Fun-Fun Booth – all the rage in Japan, this photo booth give you instant results to make your face go 😀 (shoot a strip with a friend to unlock this booth)

(Rumor has it Swanko Stu hid another photo booth in the source code somewhere, keep an eye out!)

After the shot, save your experience in some amazing new innovative formats:

• Video Strips: a perfect 10 second clip, just right for sharing to Stories or your TL
• Live Photo Strips: available in classic Strip and all-new Quad format, see everything that happened between each shot!
• Many export options, such as looping video, 2×2 quad format photo, and more!

Live Photo features only available on iPhone 6s or newer — with older devices photos will be still images but all other features are still available.

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