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VC Technology Ltd
Genre: Photo & Video
Price: $ 13.99
Release Date: December 21, 2015

Unlock the full potential of your DJI Mavic / Phantom / Inspire / Spark with Litchi, everyone's favorite autonomous flight app.

Compatible with: DJI Mavic Pro, Phantom 4 Normal/Advanced/Pro, Phantom 3 Standard/4K/Advanced/Professional, Inspire 1 X3/Z3/Pro/RAW, Inspire 2, Spark.

Waypoint and Orbit modes are supported by all DJI drones except Spark. If you are using Spark with the remote controller, you must connect using Wi-Fi between the RC and the mobile device, connecting via USB OTG is not currently supported.

Purchase Litchi today and get a free one-month subscription for Airdata UAV's HD 360 Pro plan, exclusive to Litchi pilots, refer to for more info

Feature highlights:
– Virtual Reality mode compatible with most mobile VR goggles such as Freefly VR, Durovis, Homido, Cardboard etc
– Move the gimbal/aircraft with your head in VR mode
– Track mode: the aircraft can track any object you select on the video preview, you can also Orbit around the tracked object or have the aircraft autonomously follow the subject
– Panorama mode: easily shoot 360° horizontal and spherical panoramas
– Focus mode: easily keep focus on a subject while flying your aircraft
– Orbit mode with advanced settings and real time controls
– Ability to pre-plan Waypoint missions without being connected to the aircraft
– Waypoint missions will continue even when signal is lost
– Ability to plan waypoint missions on a desktop PC/Mac at, missions can then be synced and executed with Litchi
– Automatic mission sync across all your devices when logged in to your Litchi account
– Draw waypoint missions with the pen tool
– Setup classic Waypoint missions as well as Cable Cams, Selfies and more
– Waypoint mode supports multiple Points of Interest
– Customizable Bezier curves in Waypoint mode for smoother videos
– 6 different waypoint actions (Stay for / Take Photo / Start Recording / Stop Recording / Rotate Aircraft / Tilt Camera)
– Automatic gimbal control (Focus POI and Interpolate)
– Take manual control of the aircraft during the mission to play/replay the mission on the fly including gimbal movements
– Use the Panorama preset to easily shoot a horizontal panorama at waypoints
– Custom RC keys functions allowing you to create missions as you fly them and more
– Load and Save your missions
– Livestream your drone's video feed to Facebook
– Stream the video feed to a nearby device running the Litchi Vue app (for USB-based drones)
– Record your iOS device screen at the tap of a button
– Human readable flight logs, can be automatically uploaded to Airdata UAV
– Voice feedback for important warnings
– All camera settings are included
– Automatic video recording

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